Interested in coaching services to enhance your CMM implementation or improvement efforts? Learn what the Alliance for Integrated Medication Management (AIMM) Collaborative has to offer!

Program Development Learning Coaching for Successful CMM Implementation

Healthcare organizations working to integrate comprehensive medication management (CMM) services into care delivery systems will find added benefit with a program development learning coach.  Learning coaches possess expertise in quality improvement and change management and offer direction and guidance to health care organizations as they look to design, test, and refine CMM implementation methods within primary care services.

A unique opportunity that exists for healthcare organizations is the Alliance for Integrated Medication Management (AIMM) Collaborative experience.  AIMM partners with a number of organizations to offer collaborative learning experiences to organizations making transformational changes to their care delivery systems, which frequently include CMM integration into primary care delivery services. Included in the AIMM Collaborative offering is access to a program development learning coach who provides one-on-one technical assistance to organizations.  The AIMM learning coach brings a unique qualification and perspective to participating groups using skill sets from each of the following three areas:

Consulting: Coaches are highly knowledgeable subject matter experts around CMM systems.  The coach is equipped to offer rapid assessment of one’s planned or already existing CMM service and provide directive support.

Mentoring: Coaches use the AIMM signature style which includes a distinct leadership skill set.  These skills are taught to individuals as an effective means to build relationships, both internally and externally, to obtain resources for CMM services and to develop one’s value proposition to support the business case.

Motivational Coaching: Coaches bring a high level of enthusiasm to each of their monthly one-on-one sessions. Using progress tools unique to AIMM, they will work with individuals to track and measure progress, identify milestones to reach end goals and hold organizations accountable to meeting desired CMM initiative aims.

Participants in AIMM Collaboratives frequently credit their learning coach as critical to the success of their organization’s development, implementation, scale-up and spread of integrated CMM systems. The learning coach embodies the AIMM vision, mission and signature style and works to ensure that the health care organization is assembled and working as a multi-disciplinary integrated care team and has a successful collaborative experience.

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