About the Platform

This platform was designed with healthcare practitioners in mind. Our goal is to raise awareness of the need for safe, effective, and appropriate use of medications and to provide clinicians the tools and resources to effectively optimize their patients’ medications in a comprehensive, patient-centered, and team-based manner. 

How to Use the Platform

I am a pharmacist looking for information about comprehensive medication management

To better understand comprehensive medication management (CMM), visit our Comprehensive Medication Management page. For a deeper dive on how to implement or improve CMM in your practice, you can visit our CMM Implementation System page.

I am a healthcare practitioner looking for medication-related resources

You can find a large collection of medication-related resources by visiting our Resource Library. There are specific sections on Resources for Clinicians and Resources for Patients, as well as several other sections.

What is the CMM in Primary Care Study and how can I learn about the study’s findings?

Information about the Comprehensive Medication Management in Primary Care Study can be found on the CMM in Primary Care Study page.