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How can I get additional support in using this System?

If you would like additional, ongoing support in using this System, the AIMM (Alliance for Integrated Medication Management) Collaborative offers CMM coaching support services. Please visit our ‘Request Coaching Services’ for more information. If you have specific questions about the System, feel free to reach out to us through the ‘Contact Us’ page.

Do I need to go though each and every step of the CMM Implementation System?

In order to ensure that you are implementing or improving CMM in a systematic manner, utilizing each step of the process in full is strongly encouraged. The process has been designed so that when you implement or improve CMM as intended, you will be able to maintain fidelity to the process and achieve the outcomes you desire.

How can I store documents I download from the System?

Most resources in this system can be downloaded as PDFs and stored on your hard drive.

Is this CMM Implementation System only designed for pharmacists practicing in a clinic-based setting?

While the initial research study through which the resources in this System were developed focused on CMM in a primary care, clinic-based setting, the resources and tools within the System can be adapted and used in any pharmacy practice setting. For example, the tools, resources, and assessments have also been used successfully by pharmacists in community pharmacy and specialty clinic practice settings.